We want to thank our flagship members who contributed to our initial start-up fundraising campaign for The Beachcombing Center on GoFundMe. These funds are being used as matching grant funds to secure our permanent location on the Chesapeake Bay as grant funding is being sought to house a site for our collection. We are also purchasing storage equipment to catalog and sort the collection. If you wish to contribute to our fundraising campaign please help by making a contribution here.

If you’d like to become a member, please contact The Beachcombing Center by email.

The Beachcombing Center Donors

Benefactor ($5000)
Kim Hannon

Founder ($2500)
Richard LaMotte

Leader ($1000)
Kris Braga
Nancy Mitchell Higgs
Tina Terry
David and Brenda Wright

Advocate ($750)
Glenn Tolle

Partner ($500)

Kirsten Benzel
Chris Ann & Dennis Buday, Sunsport Canvas                                                                                                                           Judy Champagne
Sherri McMasters

First Mate ($300)
Jill Ambrosini

Patron ($250)
Pam Dolle
Kerry Jackson
Betty Belts
Heather Meadows
Gina and Greg Olkowski
Cathy Dries
Doreen Traut
Danielle Perreault The Deep Blue, Inc.
Cindy Cerefin
Caryn King

Supporter $150
Amy Schmitt, Artisan Sea Glass
Ondrea Brussee
Mary Cipolla
Anna Clark
Jean Forman
Jodie Greene
Jerzee Jems
Mickey Morey Kiernan
Sarah Little
Tiffany Meekins @OBXbeachcomber
Seaside by Arlene
Jimmy and Jaime Resendes
Kimberly Robb @coronadobeachcomber
Roxanne Sievert
H. Dorothy Smith

Wave Crest $100
Dr. Beachcomb
Lisa Bertoncin
Donna Colver
Maryann Covert
Robyn Durlin NARFDesignLLC
Kimberley Edwards
Eileen Halko
Patricia McGlannan
Roberta and John Sagud
Santa Cruz Sea Glass and Ocean Art Festival
Mary McCarthy & Family
Kelly Merrell
Dana Nelke
Tossed & Found Jewelry
Linda Riddle
Sabrina Ricks, M.Ed.
Carol Roche
Kate Samson
Susie and Randy Terry
Adrienne Van Dun
Cherly Ann Wilcoxon
Kitty & Daryl Willis Jr
Lisa Wirth @caliseaseeker

Beach Lover $50
Kelly Altman
Ondrea Brussee
Tammi Bullers
Christine Coppa
Joanne Crozier
Michele Cuoto
Fiona Dart
Linda Dyer
Kristen and Jens Eriksson
Kelly A. Heckman
The Jakobsens
Lori Julian, Chicken Point Studio
Kim Harris @beach_treasure_seeker
Debbie Kasyan
Jane Kirk, Worn By The Sea
Michelle Klein
Cindy Lecza
Belinda Lorking-Tanner
Delana Lustberg
Ann Marsden
Debbie Matts
Ashley McKinnon
Maggie McPheeters
Tara Nelson
Trish Oliver
Kathy Reeder
Sea Glass by Sharon
Christine Solorio
Jean St. Denis
Lainie Tame
Aimee Thorman
Darlene Wagner
Cesar Williams-Padin

Friend $25
Missy Corley
Crafty Christine
Amy Dries
Laura Cardin
Great Wass Designs
Ara L. Griffin
Susan Hayes
Kira Hoffman
Christine Jandris
Angelina Kazmer
Laura and Mike Knoop
Julie Marsh
Shona Mcinally
Donna Mercugliano
Jennifer Otto
Jess, Matt & Preston Paglia
Nancy Russel
Ted Sandling
Silver Coast Designs
Kathleen Sutherland
Shelly Talbert @shellsbeachlife
Sarah Machemer
Shona Mcinally
Elisabeth Morvillo
Lainie Tame
Wendy @spindriftseaglass
Kim White @sealove386
Laurie Zyna