Travelling Museum of Finds

By Mary McCarthy, Executive Director

If you are like me, you marvel at the many wondrous finds of the mudlarkers on the Thames in England. From YouTube videos to books to Instagram posts, it’s so much fun to follow the thrilling moments of discovery, and their brilliantly photographed treasures. I love seeing how other beachcombers display their finds. Here in this blog space, it will be fun to feature different hunters and mudlarkers and their projects around the world.

Today I’m encouraging you to take a look at the beautiful work of Lisa Woollett. Her blog The Travelling Museum of Finds describes with beautiful photography the journey of many of her finds discovered during the time she has worked on her upcoming book Rag and Bone which I can’t wait to read. Her Instagram account also depicts her finds beautifully.

Thanks Lisa for making us feel like we are right there with you on your search for new treasure!

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